Improv Annotations

Evelyn Kuang

These annotations were created from the dancers’ descriptions of their movement in the Improv Scene from Judith Garay’s The Fine Line ~ twisted angels. In the video, Bevin’s annotations are purple, Vanessa’s annotations are blue, and Antonio’s annotations are pink.

The annotations were based off of the following imagery described by the dancers:

Antonio: “like an electricity jolt circling through your body”

Bevin: “like a little light that travels through”

Vanessa: “I try and emulate a rope”

The annotations can also be viewed overlaid on the movement in the Improv Scene. Each annotation shows a phrase of the dancer’s movement and highlights how touch within the scene initiates movement. To make the annotations, Shannon Cuykendall helped identify the phrases to annotate within the scene and directed the placement of the lines in relation to the dancer’s movement.